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Monday, October 1, 2012

Night out in Playa!

Our hotel was all inclusive in the Riviera but Keith and I wanted to try some authentic Mexican food in the local city.

Our hotel offered a free shuttle down to
Playa Del Carmen so we ventured there for an evening of fun.

Champagne toast for the ride!

This was quite the interesting trip. As soon as we got about one mile from the hotel the bottom fell out of the sky, literally it poured for a solid hour. It rained so hard that we got off the bus
(with no umbrella) and had to wait under a store front for thirty minutes. We were soaked!

We finally hailed a cab and had him drop us off at a covered shopping area.

After the rain moved out we made our way around the town and loved it.

We stopped and had dinner at a local restaurant with the sweetest people.

Keith said this was the BEST Chimichanga he has ever had.

There was even a live Mariachi Band!

Play really was a fabulous city. Not what you think of in Mexico. There were great shops, restaurants and hotels. In fact we plan to return and stay right down town for a short weekend.

Yes, that is us on the front of the bottle! They made it for us at the restaurant!

Can't wait to go back to Playa Del Carmen!



  1. So glad I found your blog! Where did you stay? we are looking to go to mexico for our anniversary and have started looking at resorts!

  2. You should keep that bottle to show your kids one day. Hysterical!