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Friday, May 31, 2013

A date with our Town.

This is the first Memorial Day we spent at home in Charlotte. It was just too hard to get away with as crazy as work has been. 

While we missed being in Mexico Beach with our dear buds we enjoyed our weekend at home.

We started out with a day date at Whiskey Warehouse.

One of my fave spots in town. Check out this view below. 

Our Happy Hour there lead to dinner at a New Restaurant in South End, Luciano's. 

Of course I had The Chicken Picatta and only because I have had it everywhere I feel like I can judge. 

It was good but certainly not the best. It was a little bland and not enough lemon or garlic flavor. Otherwise the atmosphere and service were great. 
I think they are better with red sauces there. 

Saturday we headed to The Cross Fit Anniversary party. 

I had a little too much fun and forgot to take pics but I did snap a photo of these Antipasto Kabobs that I took to the party. 

I could not get this pic to rotate, ha!

These have to be the easiest appetizer to take on the go. Super Easy.

Breaking News!

I rode on the bike with Keith. A short ride. 
We stayed under 30 MPH.

Toff was pretty jealous and wanted an excuse to wear his Leather Jacket like Daddy! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scores at Page 6

There is a great little boutique down in Fort Mill in Baxter Village called Page 6. 

I follow them on Facebook because they post their new items there daily. 

When they posted this necklace last Tuesday I knew I had to have it. 

I ordered it on line and ran over to pick it up on Friday. Of course, that meant I had to peak around while I was there and ended up with a pair of lace crochet shorts that I had been lusting after since last summer. 

I wore them more casual this weekend but I plan on dressing them up the next time I wear them. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's a Girl!

Did you click quickly because you thought I was announcing something? Sorry if I let you down, but my bestie in Flow Town IS having a girl!

I drove down to spend the day celebrating Rebecca and the upcoming arrival of Miss Charlotte. 

The youngest guest, Miss Stella. 

After dinner we had a loooooong dinner and night cap at Red Bone Alley. It was so great to catch up and celebrate such a wonderful night together. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Hike

If you are an experienced Hiker you probably won't find this very impressive but we had a great time. 

Keith or I had not hiked since we were kids so we were pretty impressed with Crowder's Mountain. 

We hit the trail Monday around 11am. 

What a great view of the city!

Sorry for all the pics of me, you would think after seven years Keith would have gotten over hating to have his picture taken. LOL Instead you just get more of me. 

 We spent the afternoon cooling off at the pool with some neighbors. 

We think we are ready for The Grand Canyon Now!

Monday, May 27, 2013

BoxWood Obsession

It is no secret I love Home Decor almost as much as Clothes and Accessories. 

It is not unlike me to change out a mirror on a wall two or three times in a month until I have it right.

My latest obsession is BoxWood and Moss anything!

Keith and I have been house looking quite a bit (that's another post-can be a little frustrating) and we toured one last week that I got some great decorating ideas from.

It is funny what you take from each house. Now, this was not the house for us only because of the size of the closets. That can be such a deal breaker. 

But, I did love the color of the walls and I loved some of the accents they chose, such as small touches of boxwood you see on the mantel. 

I think it is the perfect pop of green. 

I must find this wreath. 

Wow,check out this yard. I would be in heaven.

My current table setting. I am thinking about removing the candle and adding one more boxwood. What do you think?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's Day (Late-I know)

I know I know that was two weeks ago. 

Let's just say I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks. 

We went back to Greenville to visit our moms for Mother's Day weekend. 

Boy was it a busy one but it was great. We spent a lot of Saturday with my Husbands mom. 

We went to lunch at one of my very fave spots in Greenville, Mary's Cottage. 

I mean how adorable is this place?

Check out this patio, can you dream of a more beautiful place to eat lunch?

My niece loved eating in the old cottage. 

I love getting to spend time with this little girl!

I love getting to see both our mom's in the same weekend.

Me and My Sweet Mom!