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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Restaurant Road Trippin'

Charlotte is full of local restaurants, we have lived here for three years and I still have a long list of restaurants I would like to visit.
I love trying new restaurants, but life happens and you get sucked into running to grab something local and quick.
Here are a few I am hoping to get too soon....

Do any of you Charlotte gals have any restaurants I should add to my list or have an opinion on any of these?
I would love to get a group of Local Bloggers together to try one out!


  1. I can't believe you haven't been to Nolen?! WHAT?? We have to go there.
    Bonterra is another you should add to your list.

  2. I haven't eaten at any of those but all look wonderful! Have you been to Cajun Queen? Must eat there!

  3. So many good restaurants here!! We love Beef & Bottle. I'm up for another meet up. :-)