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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crazy Days Ahead

I have had a crazy schedule the last few weeks and am staring down the tunnel of a really busy summer!

Sometimes I overbook myself so bad that I don't have ONE free moment to myself.

My husband gets really upset when I do this.

They are all fun things and I would hate to miss any of them it just stinks when they all fall right on top of each other.

We do not have a free weekend between now and June 30th!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday Blues

I know it is really Tuesday but it still feels like Monday!

I am so sad that the fun weekend is over but these blues are perking me up!

This cobalt blue is everywhere right now!

It is pushing the corals right off the racks.

Katherine Heigel really loves them, here she is in the same pair again.

This is my most recent blue purchase and I cannot get enough of it.

Hope you see the positive now in the
Monday Blues!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ronald McDonald Fashion Show

My co workers and I attended The Ronald McDonald Girls Night Out Fashion Show last week in support of The Ronald McDonald House.

The local Charlotte house is a beautiful facility.

Please check this out if you are local and looking for an opportunity to volunteer.

This was such a great event at The Filmore in Charlotte. It was very well organized, the fashions were very current and the model moms were beautiful.

What a great time and I am so glad we supported such a wonderful organization!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lovely Lake Day

There is nothing like spending a day on the Lake!

Mimosas, A grill, and great company.......

Enough Said!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Toffee never forgets Mother's Day!

Of course he does not forget because he has the BEST DADDY in the whole world!

This year Toffee got me some new items I needed for the gym.

A new water bottle, some headbands and pink socks(of course those were really for himself because once I wear them he will hide them and I'll never see them again)

Thank you Daddy for the cool new shades!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trina Meets Banana

I could not be more excited about Trina Turk partnering with Banana Republic for a new line this summer. 


She is by far one of my favorite designers, other than the price tag.

But this summer (second to third week of June) you will be able to pick up some of her designs at Banana Republic for $45-$150!

Don't you just love these colorful pieces.

Keith and I are going to the tropics this Summer and I am so excited about wearing some of these island inspired prints.

I feel confident that this partnership will be better than what we saw with Target last month.

So, add some color to your wardrobe and I'll see you at Banana Republic!

Monday, May 21, 2012

50 And Fabulous!

My dear friend of twelve years hit the

BIG 50

Last week!

Her hubs and best friend planned a fabulous party in Greenville, SC.

It was such a blast to get together with them and so many of our old buddies!

Good times were had by all and Karen looked
50 and Fabulous!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Babies!

This has been the highlight of our life at home for the last two weeks!

We discovered these two eggs a little over two weeks ago. The mommy bird has been guarding them daily.

She has really taken to Keith though. She even let him pet her.

This morning she flew away and these two precious little baby Mourning Doves brought the biggest smile to our faces.

I am going to be so sad when they learn to fly and leave us!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our first Camper

I grew up camping with my family and have very fond memories of my mother and father together doing so.

We traveled to the lake, the beach, and the mountains with our Camper.

Camping was for sure something I wanted to do when I started my own little family.

It is just Keith, Toffe and I right now but we got our very first camper and are ready to start making
some of our own new memories with our camper

This is a Pop UP Camper for those of you that are not into camping!

It just Pops right up and the two beds pull out on each end.

We bought this from my daddy!

Here we are making the official transaction!

Can't wait for our first camping trip!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CrossFit Update

So, if you are not familiar with Cross Fit the first thing you should know is what a WOD is....

WOD= Work Out of The Day

You do not learn your WOD until you arrive at the gym each day (unless you sneak and look on line like me)

They do not recommend you peek because then you may be discouraged to come.

I have personally been a bit discouraged only because I had NO muscle prior to joining and since then have built up muscle causing the scales to go Up not down.

However, my clothing size is going down so that is keeping me focused and motivated and I chunked the scales!

I really enjoy and look forward to going each night to get my tail kicked.

I'll show you my guns on the next Cross Fit Update!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First BirchBox

I am so excited to share that my very first
BirchBox came Monday!

It was filled with so many goodies.

The box was dedicated to Gossip Girl this month.

Honestly I was not thrilled about ALL of the products but I had been warned about that and am still really happy that I joined. There is also no cancellation fee or contract so you should too!

Beauty Balm-Gives a dewy glow and smooths your complexion

I will let you know how the new Cristalliste hair products work after my trip to the beach this week.

These are Perfect for travel and breaking hair, so after a day on the beach I am looking forward to using these.

I am loving the gold nail polish.

This will go with a lot rather than the coral that I have to change more than once a week.

Looking forward to my June Box already!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Maternity Monday

Before you ask,,,,NO I am not pregnant.

BUT,,,, between Keith and I we know roughly 37 people that ARE!

So, I thought today I would dedicate my post to some maternity fashions that I have seen while out and about.

I will admit as silly as it sounds this used to be the issue I dreaded most about being pregnant one day but I am telling you there are some beautiful things out there. They may not be the cheapest but the way my friend Anna explained it to me is, if you have to deal with all of the other changes and issues who cares what it cost to look good during that time!

There are so many stores now that also carry Maternity. The one that will shock you the most is Forever 21. YES, they carry Maternity in their flag ship stores in Manhattan and DC and it is a really cute collection. When we decide to get pregnant I will have to tag along with Keith for work just to get some hot pieces for sure.

This is the new Summer Maternity Line from LOFT that just came out.

Anna says that everything she sees is floral so one thing I love about this is the classic simple design. You can still dress up and be cute while you are preggo!

I adore this look for the summer! This is more than likely a non maternity dress. Maxis are a maternity must!

Coral maxi from Pea In The Pod. This is a fabulous store for Maternity apparel. Very fashionable, a little pricey but remember you are giving birth,,,,,,you are worth it.  

Yes, they even make colored skinny denim at A Pea in The Pod. Every Mom to be Must have!

Now, I am totally open to bikinis while Pregnant.
I bet I saw 5 expecting ladies at Tybee last month in bikinis and they looked great.

But, if not, this purple and coral maternity suit is still fashionable and covers your belly.

Regardless of what you wear be proud of your belly and don't hide it with big baggy clothes!

Disclaimer: The writer behind this is not pregnant and never has been so I don't want to claim knowing it all about maternity apparel but I have had a lot of pregnant friends and family and shopped a lot with them and this is just my thoughts on the fashions.

Happy Pregnancy Friends, Sisters, Cousins, and readers!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Thank you Lauren over at From My Grey Desk

for adding a High Five Friday Link Up!

My fave five things from this week are

1. Taking a spontaneous Friday off on Thursday at 5:30pm. Yes, I did it and never do.

2. I worked it HARD at Cross Fit this week. If you have not tried this, I strongly urge you to.

3. Having pizza for dinner at 9pm after working it so hard at the gym. Yes, I really did that and it was SO good.

4. I am loving my new Coral Pencil Skirt

5. Most importantly My VP came for a visit this week and it went fabulous. We had a great lunch, great chats, and I am looking forward to the new adventures we are about to be taking on with development in our area. YAY!

How was your week?