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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekend with a Best Friend

While Keith was away for work last week one of my very best friends Anna came to visit.

Anna is expecting her first child in July, so we planned an eventful day of pedicuring, lunching, shopping and ending the day with some crafting.

We chose "Chubby Cheeks" by Essie.

This is such a great coral to go with "almost" all of the coral shades out there right now!

We had a fabulous outdoor lunch in South End after roaming thru The Saturday Atherton Market.

We then headed over to some local consignment shops to browse the baby things for Anna.

We came across a great one in Dillworth called
"The Mom Shoppe"

All of the items for sale here are donated, as well as the staff and the store location are all donated. Proceeds go to fund a local organization to assist Pregnant Teenagers and to prevent abortion.

Here is our damage for the day!!!

Remember we were purchasing Maternity clothing and items for the baby, so this is shopping for three not just two but it sure was fun!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blogger Blind Date

Last Wednesday I joined a group of eleven other ladies for a fabulous night out.

We met at Arooji's in Southpark. Thanks to April for coordinating such a fun evening.

I must admit that I was pretty nervous about going. I did not know a soul other than my neighbor Dee.

However I am so thankful that I went and met all these fabulous ladies. I hope to get to know them all better and look forward to many more fun nights together.

By the way, if you get a chance you should check Arooji's out. They have a great Wednesday night special that includes three wine tastings (which are way larger than just a tasting) and an appetizer. My appetizer is below and as you can see this is nearly a full meal all for $14.95.


Monday, March 26, 2012

D.C Day 3

 Time flies when you are having fun!

This time together is so special because we usually only see each other once a year at this annual event so departure time is bittersweet.

We had a 4:00pm flight so we decided to hit
The Arlington National Cemetery
before heading to the airport.

This was such a beautiful but sad place.

I had not seen it since I was a teenager and it hits home a lot harder as an adult that all of these graves represent America and were someones son, father, brother, sister or wife.

The Tomb of the unknown solider was by far the neatest thing here. What this tomb represents is so sweet.

Overall this was such a great trip!

Already looking forward to next year, however I do not want to give up my throne as
Manager of the Year!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

St. Patty's with Susan

I traveled to Atlanta to spend St Patty's Day with Susan!

We worked together for six years in our hometown of Greenville, SC before we both moved away.

We try to meet up and get together to enjoy some fun girl time as often as possible.

We went to a filling but DELICIOUS dinner at Maggiano's. YUMMY is all I have to say!

The one thing I can NEVER turn down is
 a Creme Brulee!
If it is on the menu I can guarantee you this girl is ordering it. Fortunately they have a small bite portion at Maggiano's which is the perfect amount.

Our Saturday started out with a "Green" Smoothie of course to start St. Patty's out right!

Saturday we hit the shops at Atlantic Station. This is a beautiful area in Mid Town Atlanta that is a mini city in itself.

The weather could not have been more perfect, so we had a great patio lunch at The Cheesecake Bistro!

Saying we got a little carried away and shopping longer than we expected is an understatement but we ended the night with a few of Susan's new local pals in Buckhead!

There is nothing better than old friends and new clothes, right?!

I miss her already but not to worry, we speak almost every day as we still work for the same company, just in different states.

Friday, March 23, 2012

DC Trip Day 2

My day started out with Breakfast in my room!

This was my $37 Breakfast, mind you! Yes, $37 for French Toast, sausage and a coke!

I have earned quite the reputation with my company for the highest room service tabs. I once ordered Room Service at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville and for just one soda it was $10.00.

This was such a fun day, we toured our communities that we developed, and then set our for some more sightseeing!

We stopped by The White House to see if we could catch lunch with Obama.

He was out for the day, shucks!

So we headed for lunch across the street!

Mimosas at noon on a work day when we would usually be stuck in meetings=

We spent the remainder of the day browsing local shops and tearing up the H & M before heading to the Awards Dinner at Restaurant Nora!

The whole gang!

I had a great night and left the proud winner of

"Manager of The Year Award"


"Best Performance to Budget"

I could not be more proud!

The only challenge to this was they didn't quite fit in my luggage and caused it to burst open in the middle of the airport the next day! That nearly requires a post all to itself. 

Hope you have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

DC Trip Day 1

We had our National Leadership Retreat in
D.C. this year!

This is always such a fun time to catch up with other Managers from my company all around the country as well as spend some fun time with my boss!

I am in the Property Management Industry and my company is doing a lot of developing in the D.C. area. You won't believe how expensive it is to live there, our average rents are $3,100. Yes you read that right, $3,100 ( and that is for a one bedroom-the two bedrooms can be $4,300-$4,600 in some areas) 

We started out with Dinner at Circa, right in Dupont Circle!

I had Veal Marsala, YUM!

I highly recommend it to anyone headed to this area!

We also stayed right here in Dupont Circle at

Hotel Palomar!

D.C is a great place to visit. There is so much to see and do, especially if you are in to History!

However I am not really! Don't get me wrong, I love to see the sights and enjoy scouting for Mr President while I am there but I get a little impatient half way through some of the tours/museums.

So what did we do????

DUH, We headed to DC Cupcakes!

The sisters were not in that day!

Well that concludes Day One!

It was a busy week so check back tomorrow to hear about The Awards Dinner!

I came home with a big one and I cannot wait to share this with you!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Best Price-Best Product

How many of you LOVE Sephora and ULTA?

Hard to remember what we did without those two stores huh?

I am a sucker for products, whether it is hair, make up, skin care etc...

Recently I picked up a cheapie but a goodie by accident and it has been one of the VERY BEST by far.

Physician's Formula Cashmere Bronzer

It even comes in this really cute case with a brush.

You could also even pick it up at Target.

I loved this product so much that I went back to try some of their other items.

This is Physician's Formula Air Brush Powder, great for touch ups thruout the day!

You can pick both of these items up for $13 or under. Ulta usually has a $3.50 off coupon making each around $10! What a deal! I love you Estee Lauder but these two have taken your spot in my make up bag!

I have so much from last week to blog, there are quite a few pics to sort thru so check back this week to hear all about them!

Monday, March 19, 2012

This really works

Happy Monday!

My day was jam packed as it was my first day back to work in a week so today's blog will be short and sweet!

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on this week after a busy (but exciting) week in D.C and a weekend in Atlanta with a very dear LONG time friend.

But let's get to the point today!

Have you heard of Sally Hansen's Air Brush legs?

My boss shared with me that this is her secret to flawless legs. I am not a huge fan of products like this but I picked up a bottle at Target today!

The outcome................


It hides any flaws, discolorations, blotches,etc..
I went with the Medium glow but they have it in numerous different shades such as Light, Medium, Dark or Tan.

This is a necessity in my eyes with Spring popping up on us and it is much better for you than the tanning bed.

Hope you had a good Monday and made some time for yourself.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Biltmore Adventure!

Last weekend we celebrated my Father In Laws Birthday with a family weekend and trip to
The Biltmore House!

We started our day out with a nice lunch at

Cedric's Tavern on the Estate.

No, I did not eat this entire thing!

After lunch we headed over to tour the House!

Of course the details and tablescaping was my favorite.

The is the Vanderbilt China, beautiful isn't it?

The view was beautiful!

We headed over to the Gardens Afterward, this is my favorite part.

The Whole Gang

And The Birthday Boy himself with his two Grand daughters

I made Key Lime Cupcakes to celebrate!

What a fun family weekend!