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Monday, February 27, 2012

Crazy about Coral

After Keith took care of me all week I thought he deserved a night to rest, and a Country Home Cooked Meal (to clog his arteries)!

So I made a Southern Favorite!

Country Fried Steak with Country Gravy and Green Bean Casserole, YUM!

Too bad my daddy was not here to indulge in this once every three year meal!

I don't like to waste food but we did toss the left overs because we did not want to consume that amount of carbs again in the same week year!

Now on to the Good Stuff!

Have you seen Coral every where this year?

It is all over the place and I love it. I cannot get enough of it.

Coral nails, coral tops, coral jewelry, my most recent desire is coral shorts and jeans.

Here are a few of my faves.....

My shopping buddies are coming to town this weekend so I anticipate I will be adding some coral to my wardrobe real soon!

What is your colors are you into for the Spring?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

I am so thankful on this Thursday for so much!

1. My job, the great day we had and the 98.3 Audit score we earned today.

2. Most importantly this Guy

Hands off ladies, he's all mine! 

Keith and I have been dating six years and were married a year and a half ago!

We live in Charlotte, NC (this year). We have lived in three different states together and 6 different homes together (we I like to move if you can't tell). We also remodeled a kitchen together and even had to share a closet once , so if he survived all that I'd say he's a keeper for sure!

Enough of that!
On to share my excitement of the day!

Michael Kors himself (only a pair of his shoes)
made there way straight to my desk today via

Ladies, if you have not checked out this website you must drop what your doing (after you finish reading my blog of course) and get to shoe shopping.

They offer free 2nd  day shipping, so you could order by Wednesday and have them by the weekend. The best part is they are cheaper here than in the stores.

 I got these for less than half the price they were at Macys!

So, the main reason I HAD to have these is because they match my new Michael Kors bag that Keith (the cute guy above) suprised me with last month!

Here they are, a perfect match.

Thank you, hubby!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday!

Remember I told you I was recovering from the Bug so our Fat Tuesday was spent at home!

We did celebrate with some Jambalaya though!

Don't get too excited! It was only Zataran's

I know my neighbor Dee won't be impressed to see that. She is from Louisiana and probably has a great recipe for Jambalaya. I will get that from her for Fat Tuesday 2013!

What did you do to celebrate Fat Tuesday?

Don't you just love a Holiday? I love any reason to celebrate! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm still here!

I have been "under the weather to say the least".

In fact I lost about four days to the "Bug".

But I am coming out from under the covers slowly!

We did manage to squeeze in some activities over the weekend,which is what sent me back to the bed.

My daddy came to visit on Saturday and we took him to
The RV and Camping Show

I grew up camping all over the South with my Daddy!

Now, some people don't consider this camping but it worked for us and we loved it. 

However we didn't start out in luxury. We started out in a 1970 something Coleman Pop Up with no AC.

Sound more like Camping to you now?

We had a great time and enjoyed touring the different Campers.

It is amazing how far they have come with them. Here is the interior of my dream Camper.

Keith also loves to camp so this is on the top of our list to get for our family one day!

Afterward we had a great lunch with Daddy at

This place is popping up all over the south so we were dying to try it.
I don't usually like to give bad reviews but I have to say we probably won't rush back. The food was very bland and boring.
Afterward we headed back to uptown for my coworker Ron's 60th Birthday Dinner!

Good times were had by all but we had to bail early as the funk was taking over me. I could barley talk.

Sunday was very uneventful other than my visit to the Doctor. YUCK!

Lots of Nyquil and Lifetime Movies was all that was happening for this girl!

Keith did snap a photo of me but I am way to vain to share.

So there goes, truth is..............

Monday, February 13, 2012

My new Favorite Product

How was your Monday?

Mondays can be hectic and challenging so I wanted to remind myself of three things I am thankful for every Monday!

1. My Hubby who I shared a picnic in the bedroom floor with for dinner Sunday night!

2. My job. I love it.

3. My Health

So over all I am pretty Thankful for Monday!

On a more trivial topic......

I am very thankful for

Ladies, if you have not tried this product you are missing out.

You can get this at Sephora or ULTA

They make a three step kit that covers your cleanser, moisturizer, and your wrinkle cream.

What is your favorite skin care product?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We had a great weekend!

Friday night was kind of a date at home, Keith prepared his FAMOUS amazing Chicken Picatta.

While I worked on my Valentine Cake Pops using my new Cake Pop Maker I got for Christmas from my Sister in Law Courtney!

Greatest Little Invention EVER!
Thanks Court!!!

They turned out great and very festive!

Saturday was a great day! Keith and I enjoyed some relaxing time and ran some personal errands (that just means shopping for me).

I went to Ulta of course and want to share one of my new favorite products.

You must try BLOW

It is a Blow Bar in the Chelsea area of Manhattan with their own line of products. This means you would just go there for styling. Next time I am there I will definitely be getting a blow out before dinner!

 I got their Root Lifting Spray and Blow dry express lotion!

I have had a good hair day since!

We went out for Sushi at Nikko in The Southend. It was delicious and the service was fabulous.

Of course since I am in the Chelsea neighborhood I will stop at

The place is amazing, I just hate they stole the name of my dream bakery!

Back to our weekend......

We went out for Sushi at Nikko in The Southend. It was delicious and the service was fabulous.

 Apple flavored Sake was yummy!

Saturday night we met up with some friends who were here from our hometown in Greenville!

 Dayna and Andy
Christin and Tim

Sunday was a LAZY DAY!

But we caught up on lots of Law and Order and even saw a few episodes we had not seen yet, which does not happen often.

Watching the Grammy's now, are you?

Praying for Whitney Houston's family and friends, she was a classic!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Dirty Thirty is Drawing Near

It was a great week at work, at home and in the gym! I even managed to squeeze in two work out sessions today!

I was even more excited to book my Girlfriends' and my

30th Birthday Celebration!!!!!

We are finally doing something different rather than Manhattan every year and going Country!

That's right!

Nashville Tennessee

We are going for the CMA Fan Fest in June!

We are staying at the Gaylord OpryLand Hotel

Where I am sure we will make many new GREAT memories to start out our 30's!

We take an annual trip together every year and hope to keep this a tradition until we are old and gray and celebrating our 80's!

Here we are at Dinner in Manhattan, our fave place to dine, shop, party, shop, shop...ok you get the point!

What traditions do you have with your oldest friends?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A lil tour around our Dining Room!

Keith and I have been married a year and a half!

We have been building our home to display some of our (my)
favorite things!

Keith leaves the decor duty to me!

I recently purchased a new rug for my dining room, that I can't quit staring at. Keith has found me sitting in the dining room just staring at it!

(Remember I told you this blog was about the pretty but trivial things in life)

If you saw my recent post you would know I am addicted to "Blue" right now. I have it in almost every room and now the dining room!

I wanted a larger one for this room but could not resist this pattern!

It was nearly $300 at Target but I picked it up for $40 at Garden Ridge!

I love accenting the blues and browns with Silver. Remember I am new to decorating with color...Baby Steps!

My current center piece. This changes seasonally or when ever I get the notion! (Keith will say that is how our entire house goes)

One of my favorite TJ MAXX scores! Every single lamp in my home came from TJ MAXX. I may be a Maxxonista!

Thanks for taking a peek at our dining room!

What is your favorite Dining Room look? Traditional, Classic, Modern, Contemporary?