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Thursday, January 31, 2013

BirchBox Faves

I have gotten some fabulous goodies in my
BirchBox the last few months.

My absolute favorite is LuLu Organic Hair Powder, you can check out here .

I know what you are thinking? I only love it because it is called LuLu and that definitely makes it easier to love BUT it really is fabulous. It is not greasy or cakey in my hair and most importantly does not turn my hair white like the good ole' baby powder.
I also received some products by the famous

 Ladies, this man KNOWS women's hair, especially blonde's. He is known for Kelly Rippa and Faith Hill's locks.

I was sent his new Volumizing Pronto Wet Shampoo and Conditioner.

The greatest part about this Shampoo is it is formulated to dry quicker.

How does this man get it so right?

You can purchase his product at some Sephora or Ulta locations.

If you have not signed up for Birch Box you should gift your self this monthly treat for Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bonterra Wine Room

If you will remember I  only make fun resolutions, such as "Take More Pics" or
"Try New Restaurants", well this week I really blew it out of the park and ate at three new restaurants in one week!
My fave by far was Bonterra. It is inside a refurbished 100 year old church. From the outside it looks just like a church, if you did not see the sign you would not know it was a restaurant.
Pardon the Internet Images but I was at a Business Dinner so whipping the Camera out was not appropriate.

You must ask for Ramsey when you go. He is fabulous and knows his wine.

We had two a bottle of Rodney Strong Symmetry Red Blend with our beef....Delicious!

We ended our evening with a guided tour with Ramsey of the Church.

I am in love with their private wine cellar and can't wait to have a kick off meeting for my new but unknown team here.

I mean come on, how cool is this cellar?

Bring a jacket because it is very cool in the cellar.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trellis Obsession

I cannot get enough of the new Trellis Print. I will take it anything!

I don't want to over do it but gee I love that pattern.

My favorite recent purchase was a Trellis tray for my ottoman in my den. 

It serves as the perfect little coffee table tray. 

Here it is in my home. 
Please note these items are not all in one room, there is just a Pop of Pattern through out each room. 
Here are a few other trellis prints you can find around our house


And I think I "Need" to add this crock pot to my counter.

Have you seen any Trellis Patterns you love?


Monday, January 28, 2013

Coming up for Air

I am coming up for air this week and trying to catch up on my personal life.

My company is currently building a new community and I have been a busy bee with the development of the new community while keeping up the same pace at my current community.
It is quite exhausting but I am having a blast!
That is my new office on the bottom floor of the gray building!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social

I have never done one of these but thought it would be fun to link up with Sunday Social with Neely over at
Three Favorite Foods?
Chicken Picatta, Japanese, Italian
First three things you do in the Morning?
Eat Breakfast,Turn on GMA, Check my Email
Last three things you do at night?
Take the 10 pillows off my bed, Brush my Teeth, Wash my Face
Three TV shows you never Miss
The Bachelor, Revenge, Sister Wives (I know it's strange but I love it)
Three Places you want to visit
Hawaii, Italy, Germany
Three People you can always count on
Keith, My Mom, My Aunts

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Work Out Wedensday

What a crazy week at work and at the gym!

Here is what I had to do yesterday at Cross Fit....

“Filthy 50″
For time,
50 Box jumps 24/20
50 Jumping pull ups
50 KBS 16kg
50 Walking lunges
50 K2E
50 Push press 45#
50 Back Extensions
50 Wall balls 20/14
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

It still hurts just as bad no matter how long you have been doing it. And Yes, I look like I am crying because I think I was.

So, I'll be soaking in a hot bubble bath tonight to ease my sore muscles because I am having a hard time moving.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

346 Days Till Christmas!

Yes, I just said that!
It was a very sad day at our house, we I finally took the Christmas tree down. I was fine with it still up but I think Keith was worried the neighbors would start talking.
But I was very excited about my Ornament Organizer from The Container Store to keep my ornaments nice, neat and safe.

Neither Keith nor I were feeling well this weekend so we kept it pretty low key. He spent the day working on our rental home in Greenville while I sadly put Christmas away until July. Yep, my goal is to get it all out and celebrate Christmas in July, after all Lifetime TV does why can't we?

Sunday was beautiful so we ran some errands and cruised around in the Jeep with the top off and had a yummy lunch in Uptown at RiRa's and went for a nice little stroll.

This evening we are doped up on cold meds trying to beat this bug before it consumes us while watching our fave show Revenge. 

Am I the only one NOT watching the
 Golden Globes?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Vesting Around

In my lil' world it has been the year of the vest.
I love them. Ok, I am slightly obsessed with them.

 I feel like I wear some sort of vest nearly

every day when I am not at work. 

The vest above is from Loft out of their "Lounge" collection. It has been my go to over lounge pants at home. 

I am sure you all recognize this vest, The J.Crew Excursion Quilted Vest. What color did you get yours in? I got black and this stinker was not easy to track down.

My very fave vest this year, a faux (of course) mink vest from Johnston and Murphy. Yes, ladies they have fabulous and classy women's outerwear and footwear. Their boots are SO perfect. This was a gift from the Hubs for Christmas. He had my niece come out in it on Christmas morning. So sweet. 

This is a casual North Face vest I got on sale during the middle of the summer, which is the best time to buy outerwear. You can get a $100 vest for $25 or $30 bucks.

This is probably my fave go to out fit right now. So comfy and warm.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Where to shop Wednesday

Where should you be today? 

Banana Republic!

Their first spring line has hit the shelves, and tomorrow you can snag an item for 40% off.  

That is huge when it is a brand new item. 

Here are a few things you can start wearing now with our temps soaring to the mid 70's this weekend. This is even better news, no one likes to buy spring apparel when it is snowing out.

My two personal faves I hope to score at almost half price

I think these are great classic items that can be worn now and transition right in to the spring. 

See you at Banana tomorrow! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Time TV

The dead of winter is my most fave time to catch up on some tv. 

This week I plan on getting two fun filled hours of Shawn on The Bachelor. I know I am too old for it but I love that show.

My other fave Revenge is back from their Holiday Break on Sunday evenings.

And I am really hoping to catch a replay of "The Seven Year Hitch" on Hallmark sometime during the week. 

Do I sound like a couch potato or what?

Don't worry, I'll get in my Cross Fit in between. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

First weekend of the Year

What a great and relaxing first weekend to kick off 2013.

We rang in the Weekend Friday night at Cross Fit. We were living on the wild side. We grabbed a burger for dinner, yes a burger after we left the gym at BT's Burger Joint. If you live in Charlotte, you should check this place out. 

Speaking of relaxing, taking down the Christmas Decor did not make the list. We are still sporting and enjoying the heck out of the tree and decor.

I got my long awaited Invisalign on Friday so I tried to stay low key to get used to talking with it in. 

I got a GEL manicure. I was wasting so much time and money sitting around painting my own nails as they seemed to chip constantly, even with Essie base and no chip top coat. What was I doing wrong?  I am looking forward to not having to paint my nails for the next two weeks.  I am doing every thing I can to free up some time for me this year. 

Saturday night we went to an "After The Holiday's Holiday Party" hosted by Cross Fit. 

It was such a good time to see everyone outside of the gym and not in our gym clothes.

I spent Sunday working on my Organizing Challenge I created for myself with all the goodies I picked up at The Container Store 

This weekend I worked on the kitchen and plan to start the closet this week. I hope this will be my next project. 

My shoes are currently in boxes that they came in, so when I am getting ready I have to open all the boxes until I found "THE" pair I am looking for. I am hoping these clear boxes will save me some time. 

2013 is all about making more time for "ME"

How was your weekend?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Day

Day one of 2013 and I slept till 12:45pm and didn't make my bed!

Where am I headed? I never sleep past 9:00am on a late day and I never ever take a shower without making my bed first.

Oh well 2013 may really be a year of change for me!

This was my view for most of the day (once I crawled out of bed), yep that is the Christmas Tree still up and this gal has no intentions of taking it down this week either. I love it and am already on the countdown for Christmas 2013.

Maybe I will even put it back up and celebrate Christmas in July.

Our neighbors Bryan and Shannan invited us over for a yummy traditional New Year's Day Dinner. They prepared Pork Tenderloin and Saurkraut, which is their tradition from Ohio.

We brought the Black eyed Peas, after all we are from the south.
Dinner was great and we were happy to see that Bryan and Shannan were still proudly sporting their Christmas Decor.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals


I am not a fan of "Resolutions" in fact for the last few years I have said that My only Resolution was to take more pics, which is how this blog came about as I mentioned previously.

However this year I have a small list of things that I hope to accomplish this year, don't worry they are still fun and light hearted goals, nothing too serious here.

1. Of course take more pics is still top on my list. I feel like you can never have enough pics. However this year I want to frame more of these around the house.

2. Try new restaurants. Keith and I are guilty of hitting up what is close and convenient and getting in a restaurant rut so I want to branch out and try some of these delicious restaurants that Charlotte has to offer.

3. Travel, Travel, Travel to places we have never been. I love to see new places. I am thinking a ski trip in Colorado and a trip to New Orleans are top of the list this year. Please don't hold me to those destinations, I change my mind a lot when it comes to travel destinations. I love the Caribbean and would not mind venturing to a different island.

So, that was fun now let's talk a little serious.

4. Get involved and find a church home in Charlotte.

5. Learn to let go and realize things don't always go as planned and are not always peachy. (This is so hard for me sometimes)

6. Don't Over Plan and schedule our time so much. As you saw in my previous recap of 2012 we were BUSY. Don't get me wrong I love being busy and active but it is challenging to make a home here in Charlotte when we are constantly gone every weekend. (Plus Keith HATES being away from home constantly)I know that sounds crazy after I just listed travel as one of my goals but not consistent back to back traveling. My goal is to not book more than one out of town event each month.
Imagine the gas money we will save.

Do you have any fun goals set for this year?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cheers to 2013!

We had a fabulous New Year's Eve. We kept it pretty low key and casual.
We had dinner at Nolen Kitchen with our friends Carrie and Kevin. It was delicious.

I had the Chicken Picatta. I pretty much think I am a Chicken Picatta critic on the side and I will say this one was pretty darn good.

We walked right next door to the famous local Selwyn Pub to ring in the New Year.

Carrie and I popped our bottle of Champagne a little before midnight.

Carrie and I both got our midnight kisses from the two hottest guys in the house

Cheers with our new friends we met

Hope you had a great New Year's Eve!