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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy REALLY belated HOWLoween!

Happy Belated Howloween from Me and Toffee!
We celebrated Halloween evening at The Polls after attempting to take Toffee Trick or Dog Treating. You know, where the dogs dress up and get treats at all the neighbors houses.
(I think that would be the perfect Halloween)
Keith and Toffee were both so embarassed I couldn't get them out the door dressed but I did wear my outfit to the Polls just to embarass Keith-It worked!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Blues!

So sad but relieved at the same time to be back to the grind after such a busy and fun family-filled weekend.

I am most thankful for a safe trip for us and our other family and friends that were traveling.

 Surprisingly these blues are a little bit of pick me up.

These are the same pants I picked up in red at 
The Limited.

Or you could go more casual with "blue" denim.


I swear I could use one of these in every color.

What a great POP of color to a black outfit.

These go perfect also with an all black outfit.

I hope you had a great and not too rough first day back to work.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Busy Thanksgiving Ahead!

Thursday morning we will hit the road to our hometown of Greenville, SC to be with our families.
We like to get there really early so I can hang out in the kitchen with the girls.
Busy torching my mini creme brulee's last year

We hang out there all day and eat all those yummy goodies I told you about yesterday!
Sometimes my sister in laws and I will hit the midnight madness Black Friday sales.

I think I am staying away from that this year since I am so far ahead on the shopping and I really don't enjoy the crowds. More importantly the stores really don't do "that" impressive of a sale. If you pay attention to the ads you will see that they have been offering very similar sales all month without the crowd.
Friday My Aunts, Cousins, and I are off to Asheville for a fun filled day at
 The Biltmore Village

Then we will finish the day off with dinner at
 The Grove Park Inn
Saturday we are doing Family Pics before heading off to the Annual Rivalry between
Clemson and South Carolina.
What a busy weekend!
 I am tired already but this pic says it all!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Menu

I have been a busy bee planning for The Big Day!

I have three sister in laws and a Mother In law that also love to cook and try new things so when we do not need an excuse to over indulge in the kitchen.
After much discussion and deliberation I narrowed my contributions down to these
Cinnamon Cream Cheese Bars
Yes, this will probably be my fave! I hope it turns out good.
Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars
Mini Cherry Pies
I promise I am making real food too!

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Macaroni and Cheese
All three of my sister in laws lists are almost as long, isn't that crazy?



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Leather Legging Love

I personally love Black Leather,
I think it is very classy in the winter!
This winter Leather Bottoms are popping up everywhere from skirts, shorts to my most recent favorite, leather leggings.
Yep, I think they are pretty perfect.
Look at all the different ways to wear them.
I think they dress up the typical legging look a little.
And of course anytime that camel and black are paired together it is a WIN!
So, what about you are you jumping on the Leather Legging Ship or sitting it out?

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Still here

I am still here, just busy as a bee!
I had a big week at work preparing for a special visit, I had all four wisdom teeth removed last week and that took me down a few days, I had my family in town this weekend, so needless to say I have not had much blogging time.
In the meantime though, I have been working on my Thanksgiving Menu
A sneak peek at something I am preparing
I've also been busy crushing on this outfit.
I love Black and Camel together
I've been really busy checking items off my list.
Yes, that's right. I have already purchased NINE gifts!
And best of all my blog is in the process of getting a MAKE OVER!
Please stay tuned!
I feel so accomplished, even though I am a tad behind on my blogging!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Outfit!

Yep, I would definitely wear this to work today if I could!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Style Watch TIps

I picked up the November People Style Watch issue last week and it has really made me start looking at my wardrobe and purchases a little closer.

There is a great article about "Shopping Smarter" that basically bulleted some things to remember and keep in mind while shopping to prevent falling victim to all the trends and cute pieces hitting the racks this fall.
I thought I would share the ones that have really stuck out in my head and made me second guess my wardrobe wants and desires. 
  • Your annual wardrobe budget should not exceed 4% of your annual income. (OUCH)
  • Ask Yourself... "Where am I wearing this? If you do not have a place in mind, there is no reason to buy it. For instance, you don't need a cocktail dress if you don't go to cocktail parties. (This is a toughie for me but really hit home)
  • See what you're actually wearing. Turn your hangers facing out, when you wear something replace it facing in. This will help you see what you wearing and not wearing and help determine what you actually need.
  • Figure out the Cost Per Wear. Think about the number of times you can wear something. If you can't get the per-wear cost down to $2 you may want to reconsider.
(Are you kidding me? )
This is a bit of a pill to swallow for us Fashion Lovers. I can't say that I will follow this strictly but I can tell you it sure made me stop and think before I make another wardrobe purchase, like this one below!

Is she worth it?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November One!

To me, this marks the first day of the Holiday Season!
I am guilty of sometimes skipping Thanksgiving and jumping straight to Christmas, especially since I like to have my tree up before we leave to go visit our family for Thanksgiving!
This Saturday Hallmark starts The Countdown to Christmas with non stop Happy Holiday Movies

The stores are already decked out for the Holidays

We have already made our Christmas list of who we will buy for

I am ready to put up the tree and decor already!

I am so excited to attend this annual Christmas show with my Mom and Aunts

Can you tell I am pretty excited?
Ok, But let's not forget about Thanksgiving!
I have been a busy bee working on Recipes and treats I want to make over The Thanksgiving Holiday!