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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy Weekend!

It should be illegal to be this busy during a weekend!
We have had WAY too many weekends like this lately and the hubs is tightening the reins and I am not going down fighting!

It gets exhausting and expensive going somewhere or doing some sort of event every single weekend, how many of you other gals out there can attest to that?
With that being said, look what I managed to squeeze into one short weekend.
I went to Dinner at Liberty in The South End with my Girlfriend, Shannan

I love anything Creme Brulee and any restaurant that serves it in any form, even a beer!

I came home from dinner and baked over two dozen cake pops till after 2:00 am.

Saturday was busy with working out and running errands.
I made a quick trip to Greenville for Autumn's BabyQ' late Saturday evening

FYI-Autumn is naming her baby Jemma,hence the name of the signature cocktail.

I arrived back home around 2:00AM.

 I headed out to
"Lights, Camera, Fashion"
with Dee on Sunday.

Nothing like shopping Belk while a fashion show is going on and sipping bubbles!

Afterward we visited Red Rocks Cafe, a restaurant I had been itching to check out after hearing Dee rave about how great it was.

I must admit these yummy Carb Patties, better known as "Parmesan Potato Cakes" were amazing.

I was home just in time to squeeze in my fave tv show before hitting the sack after a whirlwind of a weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, you did have a really busy weekend!

    Too bad we didn't get to see you at Liberty. I think we got there around 6 and left around 7. Pretty early since we had lil Anna Kate!

  2. We are in the same boat and need to slow down as well! I love that blue dress with the bauble. Hope you get some rest this coming weekend!

  3. I am dying to know how the creme brulee stout was! I don't really care for beer, but there are a few fruity beers out there I like, and I love me some creme brulee!

  4. I love your blue dress, as well as the pashmina in the baby shower picture. Revenge hasn't disappointed this season--one of my favorite parts is that "Emily" and "Daniel" are actually dating in real life! Happy Thursday.