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Friday, October 12, 2012

Our New Home Away From Home

We used our new camper last weekend for the first time, and yes it has taken me until the following Friday to tell you about it after a crazy week at work.

We are not professional campers like we thought by any means! I grew up camping but didn't realize how much work my daddy actually did to get everything ready and get us there!


We had to turn around twice because we forgot stuff.

Once we made it there, my family was there with some back up camping experience and supplies so we were covered.

Our view from the water, the camper lit up the lake!

Captain Keith!

Friday was an interesting night to say the least, about midnight we heard some people asking for help from the lake so we went out to help them, only we couldn't get their boat started and had to tow these guys nearly 3 miles away at a snails pace.

What a cold midnight ride!

The next morning we had a breakfast for Kings.

Of course Mimosas were required to Glamp it up a little!

My Two Favorite Boys cruising

You know you are Glamping when the Camp Ground even decorates

My Glamping Table Scape complete with Place cards

Our View and private Little Beach for the Weekend!

Looking forward to many more memories in our little camper!


  1. Love this post! Your tablescape looks great and what an awesome place to camp right along the lake! Was it not too cold?!

  2. Glamping, ha! Ever since seeing that on the Real Housewives, I couldn't wait to see someone try it out. Looks like a great time was had by all!