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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Prayers Needed for Susan

For those of you that don’t know, Susan Howard, who happens to be my coworker and one of my closest dearest friends for eleven years is the community manager at The Alexander at the Perimeter in Atlanta. She has been with Simpson for 10 years, having started at a community called Haywood Crossing in Greenville, South Carolina at the tender age of 23. She has since been at Gramercy Square at Ayrsley in Charlotte, Park at Vinings in Atlanta, and now is at The Alexander having worked her way through the ranks from a leasing consultant to community manager.
Susan is witty, outgoing, and caring. She’s a great employee, a terrific friend, a wonderful sister and daughter, and an incredible wife. Above although, she is an amazing mother to her two boys, Jackson (8) and Sam (9 months). One day a few weeks ago, Susan noticed a swollen lymph node under her arm. She was not overly concerned but made an appointment due to family history. The news that followed was any women’s nightmare: Stage 4 breast cancer. She is only 33.
Susan has begun her battle with cancer and started chemotherapy on October 3.  She will have surgery around February 2014 and then it’s on to radiation treatments.
Susan has not surprised us through the news, doctor appointments, procedures, first round of chemo, and whirlwind of emotions… she has remained that witty, outgoing, caring, great friend, wonderful sister and daughter, incredible wife, and amazing mother. Her strength is awe-inspiring and her battle will be a group effort with all who know and love her.
Unfortunately Susan and her family will incur some hefty out-of-pocket costs with a variety of medical expenses. Please help us as we help her to focus only on her family and her recovery. Any help anyone can give will be greatly appreciated as we join this fight with a member of our Simpson family.
I am sending out this link to Meal Train so that all of you that have asked “How can we help?” can help Susan and her family. Even out of town people can sign up to have meals delivered from local restaurants. In addition there is a place where you can donate to help cover the hefty out-of-pocket expenses she and her family will incur over the next few months.
Thank you all for your help.