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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend at Home!

This was the first weekend Keith and I were home together in.................a LONG time. So long I really cannot remember, I would have to whip out the calendar and see.
Friday night we went to Cross Fit, lame huh? But I was out of commission the entire week with my back so I really needed to be there.
Saturday we spent time together lounging in the morning before heading out to the Packed Halloween Shops to get Keith a costume.
I got so much checked off my list between removing Summer items from the closets, a little landscaping around our Townhouse, and a few other errands that I have been postponing.
Saturday night we went toThe GraveDiggers Ball here in Charlotte with our friends Kevin and Carrie from CrossFit.
Can you guess which one is my husband?
Yep, Mr President was my date for the night.
Believe it or not, he was the ONLY Obama that we saw. Pretty Cool.
A view from the top. This place was packed and wild. We may be a little to old for this but we blended in. (We Think)
This was my personal favorite costume. Of course it was, I love Christmas!

What a great night with our new friends here in Charlotte!
Sunday morning I was awoken with Pumpkin Shaped Pancakes. (Don't be jealous-I had to request them to be shaped like that)
But only the Best Hub in the world would actually do it, right?
Don't look for an exciting update next weekend, I'll be out of commission having my wisdom teeth removed! Bummer!
Happy Halloween!


  1. What a fun weekend! His Obama mask is hilarious!

    Uck to your wisdom teeth! Stock up on apple sauce!

  2. I can't believe he went as Obama! Hysterical!! At least you were able to look cute in your baseball costume. I'm not a fan of costumes to where you can't look cute :(