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Monday, February 27, 2012

Crazy about Coral

After Keith took care of me all week I thought he deserved a night to rest, and a Country Home Cooked Meal (to clog his arteries)!

So I made a Southern Favorite!

Country Fried Steak with Country Gravy and Green Bean Casserole, YUM!

Too bad my daddy was not here to indulge in this once every three year meal!

I don't like to waste food but we did toss the left overs because we did not want to consume that amount of carbs again in the same week year!

Now on to the Good Stuff!

Have you seen Coral every where this year?

It is all over the place and I love it. I cannot get enough of it.

Coral nails, coral tops, coral jewelry, my most recent desire is coral shorts and jeans.

Here are a few of my faves.....

My shopping buddies are coming to town this weekend so I anticipate I will be adding some coral to my wardrobe real soon!

What is your colors are you into for the Spring?


  1. That is a BAD meal! HA! Brad insisted on chicken and dumplings Sunday night. I indulged a bit but oh geez we can't do that all the time! I ate the rest of my left over salmon though believe it or not! And, it was good! Not fishy at all!!
    Glad you're feeling better!

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  2. Lulu,

    I understand you are interested in trying stand up paddle boarding. I would love to set a time that you could get out on the water and try this amazing sport. Let me know a time that you would like to "Leash Your Inner Pirate".

    ...and yes, if you are truly 'Crazy about Coral,' Pirate Water Sports can custom design a stunning coral colored board that fits right into your lifestyle. SUP boarding CAN be a fashion statement.

    send me an email to arrange:

  3. Hi! i was looking through google images and came across your blog
    I was wondering if you knew where the white top from your second outfit idea image is from? The one with the spiky necklace?

    Im desperate for that top! Please let me know! I've looked ALL over for it