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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm still here!

I have been "under the weather to say the least".

In fact I lost about four days to the "Bug".

But I am coming out from under the covers slowly!

We did manage to squeeze in some activities over the weekend,which is what sent me back to the bed.

My daddy came to visit on Saturday and we took him to
The RV and Camping Show

I grew up camping all over the South with my Daddy!

Now, some people don't consider this camping but it worked for us and we loved it. 

However we didn't start out in luxury. We started out in a 1970 something Coleman Pop Up with no AC.

Sound more like Camping to you now?

We had a great time and enjoyed touring the different Campers.

It is amazing how far they have come with them. Here is the interior of my dream Camper.

Keith also loves to camp so this is on the top of our list to get for our family one day!

Afterward we had a great lunch with Daddy at

This place is popping up all over the south so we were dying to try it.
I don't usually like to give bad reviews but I have to say we probably won't rush back. The food was very bland and boring.
Afterward we headed back to uptown for my coworker Ron's 60th Birthday Dinner!

Good times were had by all but we had to bail early as the funk was taking over me. I could barley talk.

Sunday was very uneventful other than my visit to the Doctor. YUCK!

Lots of Nyquil and Lifetime Movies was all that was happening for this girl!

Keith did snap a photo of me but I am way to vain to share.

So there goes, truth is..............


  1. We need to plan our camping trip. Also.. take the word verification off your blog. They just made it harder and it's not that big of a deal not to have it.
    I tried commenting last night from my phone but couldn't get it to work from my phone b/c of it

  2. I'd rather be camping too! we have a 34 ft 5th wheel, I am trying to convince Kevin that I want to be a campground host and live on a state park in the 5th wheel for the summer! I can get a wireless internet card and still do my MM work ;-)