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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Easter Wreath

Can you believe it is almost Easter?

The Easter Bunnies are out at all the stores and they are going fast!

I got my Easter Wreath supplies this weekend while they were on sale and OF COURSE used a coupon on top of that!

You won't believe how simple this is to make!

To get started you will need the following....
1.Wreath (from Michael's)
2. Decor of choice from(Michael's and Hobby Lobby
3. Pink Hot Glue Gun (Every Crafty Girl's #1 Necessity)

Next you will hot glue your decor to the wreath.

Add all the finishing touches!

My fave being the small birds nests I got at JoAnn's

BAM You have a One of a Kind Easter Wreath!


  1. For some reason I couldn't post any comments the other day when I was looking. so, I'm catching up. :) This is so CUTE!