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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A lil tour around our Dining Room!

Keith and I have been married a year and a half!

We have been building our home to display some of our (my)
favorite things!

Keith leaves the decor duty to me!

I recently purchased a new rug for my dining room, that I can't quit staring at. Keith has found me sitting in the dining room just staring at it!

(Remember I told you this blog was about the pretty but trivial things in life)

If you saw my recent post you would know I am addicted to "Blue" right now. I have it in almost every room and now the dining room!

I wanted a larger one for this room but could not resist this pattern!

It was nearly $300 at Target but I picked it up for $40 at Garden Ridge!

I love accenting the blues and browns with Silver. Remember I am new to decorating with color...Baby Steps!

My current center piece. This changes seasonally or when ever I get the notion! (Keith will say that is how our entire house goes)

One of my favorite TJ MAXX scores! Every single lamp in my home came from TJ MAXX. I may be a Maxxonista!

Thanks for taking a peek at our dining room!

What is your favorite Dining Room look? Traditional, Classic, Modern, Contemporary?

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  1. a cross between traditional and contemporary