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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

I am so thankful on this Thursday for so much!

1. My job, the great day we had and the 98.3 Audit score we earned today.

2. Most importantly this Guy

Hands off ladies, he's all mine! 

Keith and I have been dating six years and were married a year and a half ago!

We live in Charlotte, NC (this year). We have lived in three different states together and 6 different homes together (we I like to move if you can't tell). We also remodeled a kitchen together and even had to share a closet once , so if he survived all that I'd say he's a keeper for sure!

Enough of that!
On to share my excitement of the day!

Michael Kors himself (only a pair of his shoes)
made there way straight to my desk today via

Ladies, if you have not checked out this website you must drop what your doing (after you finish reading my blog of course) and get to shoe shopping.

They offer free 2nd  day shipping, so you could order by Wednesday and have them by the weekend. The best part is they are cheaper here than in the stores.

 I got these for less than half the price they were at Macys!

So, the main reason I HAD to have these is because they match my new Michael Kors bag that Keith (the cute guy above) suprised me with last month!

Here they are, a perfect match.

Thank you, hubby!