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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What to Wear Wednesday

Who does not love Turquoise this season?

Who does not love a deal of the season on a great turquoise accessory?

Well, I LOVE them both!

I noticed this beautiful necklace when I was in J.Crew in Atlanta.

As much as I adored it and saw it all over Pinterest afterward, I knew there was no way I was forking over $150 for it.

I love J.Crew but come on?

I was more than thrilled to run across this on another blog at The Small Things Blog

where she said that she found one on Ebay.

I do not use Ebay often and am very leary of it but I Really like this necklace so I hopped on and found it right away for a whopping $14.00!

It arrived today after nearly three weeks!

I have to admit I was beginning to think I had gotten cheated out of my $14.00.

I am beyond excited about my deal of the season and can't to wear it with a white dress

Have you gotten any great deals for this season?


  1. I am seeing this necklace everywhere! It's so freaking cute! I need one!

  2. I love my necklace!!! Everyone stops me to talk about it! Erica