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Monday, April 2, 2012

Carolina Cup

I just love this event, the town of Camden, and the people we go with even more.

When I think of a small Southern, classy, quaint town this is the one that comes to mind.

We had dinner at Indigo Jones on Friday night to get the party started early.

Thank you Liza for planning such a fun night out in your home town!

We also had a blast at the College Party at Liza's nieces home. We fit right in. LOL.

Happy Cup Day!

The food table,,,,you can often find me hanging around these.

Just a few of our treats we had.


Me and Andrea

Keith sporting his Lily Pulitzer

Liza doing her rap!

Bo the Bookie

What a great time! Thank you Liza for putting such a great time together!


  1. What a great event. I went when I was in college. It's a charming event, and such fun.

  2. Keith didn't wear his seersucker?? WTH?! HAHA! Love both of your outfits.
    The first is your new Lilly :-)