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Monday, April 9, 2012

Closet Purge

I ended Easter Sunday with a bang!

I began and completed the Closet Purge that I had been dreading. I bet this has made my to do list a dozen times without actually happening.

I make a list for everything and I mean everything, and the new I PHONE IPAD list won't do for me. It has to be an old school paper list I can have the pleasure of actually marking through something.

Well I can finally mark through Closet Purge!

Jen, my coworker was beyond thrilled this morning when I surprised her with these goodies. Her trunk is slam full.

The finished product!

Looks a little empty now!

Maybe I'll add the following items I have been swooning over since there is SO much space now.

When is the last time you purged your closet?


  1. Maybe you can teach Shannan the art of closet purge, but not the art of shopping.

  2. It's been a while, and it is already bare. Since I stopped working and became a non-paid Stay-at-home mom, my wardrobe has suffered. I'm jealous of your friend, Jen. :)

  3. I purge pretty often but am due once again.