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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The last four years were busy!

I think it is human nature to plan our lives out and say what we will do, where we will be, what age we will marry, how old we will be when we have kids, etc..

 I used to plan everything. Six years ago I had just purchased my first home in my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina.

I had it all planned out....
 I would live there for a few years, get married, move across town with Keith, you get it.....

I grew up in Greenville and had an amazing 25 years there with my friends and family

There was so much I loved about this city!

 There were amazing restaurants, a beautiful downtown, a fabulous Zoo and one of the best thing of all was this woman....

She was more than a Grandma, she was a best friend! (miss you Granmda)

Well staying here was not what the Lord had planned for us. Keith landed a promotion in Albany, Georgia and I stayed behind for a few months until I scored a job with a company in my industry in Albany as well.

So four years ago this month I made my way to Albany, Georgia to be with Keith.

I cried every day for the first month(or two) that we lived there. I missed my friends, my family and was not adjusting well to the change.....

Until we moved into our first home together in Rawson Circle

Little did we know we were about to meet some best friends who are still just like family to us!

It is funny that I cried when we arrived and I cried harder the day Keith told us we had to move again because of his job.

The industry that Keith was in was very rocky as the economy was growing worse, so we were given a one week notice that we had to move to Florence, South Carolina

We packed up with the help of our new friends in Georgia and made our way to Florence on Valentine's Day!

We tried to find the positive in this situation as we were closer to our families and friends in Greenville, we were close to the beach but there is no way to really sugar coat this because it was just plain hard at first.

Until,,, we met some of these great people

I went to work for a local Newspaper and TV Station there where I met some new friends.

We lived here for exactly six months before Keith took a new job that allowed him the opportunity to live any where he chose as long as he was near a major airport.

So,,,,I landed a job back in my industry here in Charlotte a little over two years ago.

And we packed up and headed for Charlotte, North Carolina crying AGAIN when I had to say Good Bye to my new friends.

You are probably thinking I did a lot of crying-I did!

I remember being so excited the day we pulled in to Charlotte, I could not wait to start our life here.

We have been here almost three years now and I love Charlotte.

I won't lie, we had a heck of a time making new friends here since it is such a large town but we have made some good ones and look forward to making new memories with them.

I know this was a long post but my point is that things may not work out the way you planned them but they work out! In most situations they work out better and if not better you learn a lot and meet great people along the way.

I am thankful for everyone we have met on our journey so far and looking forward to meeting many more.


  1. Oh LuLu! You are right. Everything does work out. We are selfish and wish ya'll would have stayed in Florence though :)

  2. Oh LuLu! You are right. Everything does work out. We are selfish and wish ya'll would have stayed in Florence though :)

  3. As you know I've done my share of moving in my life too! I think the people you meet along the way are the best and are some of the bestest friends I still have in my life.
    I wouldn't be who I am today without all that change and moving. Love that little house in Albany!

  4. I am such a planner but I know that marriage will bring on new adventures like moving. I really liked your post because it shows that even though your life may not go as planned you can meet some great people along the way.

  5. One of these fine days, I'll make it to Greenville!!!