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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Time TV

The dead of winter is my most fave time to catch up on some tv. 

This week I plan on getting two fun filled hours of Shawn on The Bachelor. I know I am too old for it but I love that show.

My other fave Revenge is back from their Holiday Break on Sunday evenings.

And I am really hoping to catch a replay of "The Seven Year Hitch" on Hallmark sometime during the week. 

Do I sound like a couch potato or what?

Don't worry, I'll get in my Cross Fit in between. 


  1. I love The Bachelor and Revenge! Don't worry I'm a huge TV junkie- especially in the winter when it's cold outside!

  2. I am way too obsessed with The Bachelor!

  3. How can you not watch The Bachelor, especially with that cutie!! I'm hooked just as badly. :) And I'm so thrilled that Downton Abbey is back...another fav!