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Sunday, January 13, 2013

346 Days Till Christmas!

Yes, I just said that!
It was a very sad day at our house, we I finally took the Christmas tree down. I was fine with it still up but I think Keith was worried the neighbors would start talking.
But I was very excited about my Ornament Organizer from The Container Store to keep my ornaments nice, neat and safe.

Neither Keith nor I were feeling well this weekend so we kept it pretty low key. He spent the day working on our rental home in Greenville while I sadly put Christmas away until July. Yep, my goal is to get it all out and celebrate Christmas in July, after all Lifetime TV does why can't we?

Sunday was beautiful so we ran some errands and cruised around in the Jeep with the top off and had a yummy lunch in Uptown at RiRa's and went for a nice little stroll.

This evening we are doped up on cold meds trying to beat this bug before it consumes us while watching our fave show Revenge. 

Am I the only one NOT watching the
 Golden Globes?


  1. I'm already thinking about goodies to buy and treats to find on Pinterest! Erica

  2. I didn't watch the globes either! I need to watch revenge--I crashed early after a busy weekend! Hope you're feeling better & Happy Monday!