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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trellis Obsession

I cannot get enough of the new Trellis Print. I will take it anything!

I don't want to over do it but gee I love that pattern.

My favorite recent purchase was a Trellis tray for my ottoman in my den. 

It serves as the perfect little coffee table tray. 

Here it is in my home. 
Please note these items are not all in one room, there is just a Pop of Pattern through out each room. 
Here are a few other trellis prints you can find around our house


And I think I "Need" to add this crock pot to my counter.

Have you seen any Trellis Patterns you love?



  1. I have a baby carrier in that pattern. :) I blogged about it here:

  2. I love it too. And that crock pot is adorable! Looking forward to seeing you guys Sunday!!