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Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals


I am not a fan of "Resolutions" in fact for the last few years I have said that My only Resolution was to take more pics, which is how this blog came about as I mentioned previously.

However this year I have a small list of things that I hope to accomplish this year, don't worry they are still fun and light hearted goals, nothing too serious here.

1. Of course take more pics is still top on my list. I feel like you can never have enough pics. However this year I want to frame more of these around the house.

2. Try new restaurants. Keith and I are guilty of hitting up what is close and convenient and getting in a restaurant rut so I want to branch out and try some of these delicious restaurants that Charlotte has to offer.

3. Travel, Travel, Travel to places we have never been. I love to see new places. I am thinking a ski trip in Colorado and a trip to New Orleans are top of the list this year. Please don't hold me to those destinations, I change my mind a lot when it comes to travel destinations. I love the Caribbean and would not mind venturing to a different island.

So, that was fun now let's talk a little serious.

4. Get involved and find a church home in Charlotte.

5. Learn to let go and realize things don't always go as planned and are not always peachy. (This is so hard for me sometimes)

6. Don't Over Plan and schedule our time so much. As you saw in my previous recap of 2012 we were BUSY. Don't get me wrong I love being busy and active but it is challenging to make a home here in Charlotte when we are constantly gone every weekend. (Plus Keith HATES being away from home constantly)I know that sounds crazy after I just listed travel as one of my goals but not consistent back to back traveling. My goal is to not book more than one out of town event each month.
Imagine the gas money we will save.

Do you have any fun goals set for this year?


  1. Colorado and New Orleans are great picks! Make NO happen... You won't regret it!!!

  2. I am so with you on Number 5. Especially today! I also love the new restaurant idea--I live in the "west" area of my city, and I have about 4-6 standbys and always go there instead of the places that I drive by on my way to work or clerking that I think that might be fun! Great List! TGIF!!!

  3. What kind of church are you looking for? Just curious because I'm also on the hunt myself!