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Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Day

Day one of 2013 and I slept till 12:45pm and didn't make my bed!

Where am I headed? I never sleep past 9:00am on a late day and I never ever take a shower without making my bed first.

Oh well 2013 may really be a year of change for me!

This was my view for most of the day (once I crawled out of bed), yep that is the Christmas Tree still up and this gal has no intentions of taking it down this week either. I love it and am already on the countdown for Christmas 2013.

Maybe I will even put it back up and celebrate Christmas in July.

Our neighbors Bryan and Shannan invited us over for a yummy traditional New Year's Day Dinner. They prepared Pork Tenderloin and Saurkraut, which is their tradition from Ohio.

We brought the Black eyed Peas, after all we are from the south.
Dinner was great and we were happy to see that Bryan and Shannan were still proudly sporting their Christmas Decor.

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