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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shops at Target Review

After a yummy brunch and lazy morning Sunday, I made my way over to Target to check out the new lines.

Now, being a huge Target fan I don't usually have anything negative to say about them but this line did not overly impress me.

I made my way to the ladies accessories first!

Here are a few of the new items from The Webster collection!

I did love that there were so many to choose from however I did not love the style or price.

Then I headed over to The Webster Apparel section.

I loved the fabric, quality and print of this dress however the fit was not for me.

This dress was $42.99, which I think is a bit expensive for a Target (Tarjay) dress.

I loved this top but again the fit and price were not there. This top was $29.99.

Then I headed over to the Privet House Collection.

This is a beautiful home decor line on the Classic Country French side.

I loved these place mats but at $5.99 a piece I resisted since I need six.

All in all it was a great trip to Target and I enjoyed checking out the new lines even though they are not for me.

 These items are however going very quickly so if anything strikes you, I suggest you get there soon to grab them up.


  1. Wow! It thought about checking them out but didn't. Someone tweeted that they liked it all though!

  2. I've been meaning to get over to Target to see the new lines but I agree, those prices don't exactly match the number one reason why I love Target.