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Friday, May 11, 2012


Thank you Lauren over at From My Grey Desk

for adding a High Five Friday Link Up!

My fave five things from this week are

1. Taking a spontaneous Friday off on Thursday at 5:30pm. Yes, I did it and never do.

2. I worked it HARD at Cross Fit this week. If you have not tried this, I strongly urge you to.

3. Having pizza for dinner at 9pm after working it so hard at the gym. Yes, I really did that and it was SO good.

4. I am loving my new Coral Pencil Skirt

5. Most importantly My VP came for a visit this week and it went fabulous. We had a great lunch, great chats, and I am looking forward to the new adventures we are about to be taking on with development in our area. YAY!

How was your week?