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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lunch at Lady & Sons

Hey Ya'll!

If you are from the south you know that saying and you know who Paula Deen is.

I love her and her recipes. They are very traditional southern, usually fried and usually carbs. A Lot of carbs!

Paula Deen had once lived in the same neighborhood as Keith and I in Albany Georgia many moons ago.

While visiting Savannah this weekend we had the opportunity to dine at her restaurant
Lady and Sons.

I had heard this was overrated but I disagree and thought it was amazing!

This is your carb free appetizer!

Yes that is a biscuit AND a mini pancake you see. They had a fancy name for it but it really is a pancake. There was even syrup on the table for this.

Of course the company was great!

I had the Barbecue Sandwich with came with Jelly Rolls, which are fried potatoes(another carb) and macaroni and cheese (yet another carb)

This would normally be a weeks or more worth of carbs but I enjoyed every bite.

I Can't wait to go back!


  1. I LOVE Lady & Sons. Their "appetizers" are amazing!

  2. I too, have heard it's overrated which is why I've never bothered.
    And... to CROSSFIT you go!! HAHAHa!!

  3. The Lady and Sons is on my bucklist to try. It looks amazing! Plus in the south both potatoes and mac and cheese are considered vegetables so I'm thinking that was a balanced meal. ;)

  4. I'm going in 5 weeks! I have a half marathon in Savannah and after we will be eating at Paula's! Erica

  5. Of course, I know Paula Deen! My mom loves her cooking skills so much. In fact , she has all the cookbooks Paula has made. She's been wanting to go to one of her restaurants for a long time now. Well, her birthday is coming soon and I think going there is the perfect treat for her! :)

    Daphne Michaels