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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First BirchBox

I am so excited to share that my very first
BirchBox came Monday!

It was filled with so many goodies.

The box was dedicated to Gossip Girl this month.

Honestly I was not thrilled about ALL of the products but I had been warned about that and am still really happy that I joined. There is also no cancellation fee or contract so you should too!

Beauty Balm-Gives a dewy glow and smooths your complexion

I will let you know how the new Cristalliste hair products work after my trip to the beach this week.

These are Perfect for travel and breaking hair, so after a day on the beach I am looking forward to using these.

I am loving the gold nail polish.

This will go with a lot rather than the coral that I have to change more than once a week.

Looking forward to my June Box already!


  1. I just got my first box too! It's neat to see how different everyone's box is.