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Monday, May 14, 2012

Maternity Monday

Before you ask,,,,NO I am not pregnant.

BUT,,,, between Keith and I we know roughly 37 people that ARE!

So, I thought today I would dedicate my post to some maternity fashions that I have seen while out and about.

I will admit as silly as it sounds this used to be the issue I dreaded most about being pregnant one day but I am telling you there are some beautiful things out there. They may not be the cheapest but the way my friend Anna explained it to me is, if you have to deal with all of the other changes and issues who cares what it cost to look good during that time!

There are so many stores now that also carry Maternity. The one that will shock you the most is Forever 21. YES, they carry Maternity in their flag ship stores in Manhattan and DC and it is a really cute collection. When we decide to get pregnant I will have to tag along with Keith for work just to get some hot pieces for sure.

This is the new Summer Maternity Line from LOFT that just came out.

Anna says that everything she sees is floral so one thing I love about this is the classic simple design. You can still dress up and be cute while you are preggo!

I adore this look for the summer! This is more than likely a non maternity dress. Maxis are a maternity must!

Coral maxi from Pea In The Pod. This is a fabulous store for Maternity apparel. Very fashionable, a little pricey but remember you are giving birth,,,,,,you are worth it.  

Yes, they even make colored skinny denim at A Pea in The Pod. Every Mom to be Must have!

Now, I am totally open to bikinis while Pregnant.
I bet I saw 5 expecting ladies at Tybee last month in bikinis and they looked great.

But, if not, this purple and coral maternity suit is still fashionable and covers your belly.

Regardless of what you wear be proud of your belly and don't hide it with big baggy clothes!

Disclaimer: The writer behind this is not pregnant and never has been so I don't want to claim knowing it all about maternity apparel but I have had a lot of pregnant friends and family and shopped a lot with them and this is just my thoughts on the fashions.

Happy Pregnancy Friends, Sisters, Cousins, and readers!


  1. I love this! They seriously make the cutest maternity clothes!

  2. thanks for sharing this. i am 14 weeks along and im having a hard time finding affordable things that i will only be wearing for a couple of months (saving money for our babymoon instead). its really hard finding a bathing suit that will support the ever growing girls! i did not know that f21 had a maternity line and will be heading to their site as soon as i leave here.

  3. SO CUTE! Where is the bathing suit from?