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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our first Camper

I grew up camping with my family and have very fond memories of my mother and father together doing so.

We traveled to the lake, the beach, and the mountains with our Camper.

Camping was for sure something I wanted to do when I started my own little family.

It is just Keith, Toffe and I right now but we got our very first camper and are ready to start making
some of our own new memories with our camper

This is a Pop UP Camper for those of you that are not into camping!

It just Pops right up and the two beds pull out on each end.

We bought this from my daddy!

Here we are making the official transaction!

Can't wait for our first camping trip!


  1. Me either!!! YAY! for camping!!!

  2. How fun is this going to be?! So many great adventures to be had together!