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Friday, July 12, 2013

Wedding Weekend

Keith and I went to his former coworkers wedding a few weekends ago. 

Who does not love a wedding? For a while Keith and I were at a wedding what seemed like every weekend a few years ago and not so much this last year.

We were thrilled when we got an invitation for Keith's coworker and old friends Tiger and Angie's wedding.

Even better, the wedding was in our hometown and right down town.

So about mid day Saturday we headed to Greenville.
We went all out and made it date night for ourselves as well. We got a room with a balcony at The Hampton Inn right on the river. 

What a view, I believe Greenville is a beautiful city. 

The wedding was at The Loft at Falls Park. 

Not a good pic of us but we were having too much fun to worry about pics. 

The bride certainly had herself a great time. 
Wasn't she beautiful?

The next morning before heading home one of my oldest, dearest and bestest friends who lives right by the Hotel walked over with her family for Brunch and a little stroll through the city. 

If you live in Greenville and have not tried Smoke on The Water you are truly missing out. We had to go there while visiting as it was one of my very fave spots when we lived in Greenville. 

That my friends is a Loaded Potato Cake. 
Delicious. I could eat a dozen. 

Look at Lil Grant.....He is nearly walking as he creeps up on his 1st Birthday at the end of this month. 

Me and Anna!
 We used to be next door neighbors and people would often ask if we were sisters. We were not just next door neighbors in our apartments we even bought houses right next door to each other. Well, I bought one right next to her. LOL.

Anna and me again FIVE years ago.

Wow, time flies.



  1. So happy you had a great weekend in Greenville. What a great view from the hotel! I love Smoke On The Water, they have the best mac and cheese in the Upstate!

  2. Greenville is a wonderful town, I agree. We went to a wedding there in 2009 and had such a fun time!

  3. I LOVE your sunglasses! Looks like a great weekend! The food from your brunch looks delicious! New follower!