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Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Visitors

I have been on an accidental blogging vacation.
I was so incredibly busy with work last week not only did I skip blogging I skipped the gym
EVERY single day.
Let me tell you, that is the worst feeling.
I am a true believer that working out boosts your mood and happiness, so needless to say my mood and happiness is at an almost record low this last week after missing my daily work outs.
I MUST come up with a routine that does not let work get in the way.
Any way, tonight we had some surprise visitors.
This is just what I needed, to see these lovely ladies. They stopped in for dinner on the way to Columbia so we grabbed dinner at Six Pence Pub in Baxter Village.
It was such a nice night, so we strolled around Baxter and checked out the local shops.
What a great way to spend a Monday evening!


  1. Good times! I hate skipping the gym too. I did it this morning :(

  2. I try to plan out my exercise week by week, but life happens. I try to adjust, but sometimes working out is the first thing cut. UGH.

    Also--cute dress!!