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Monday, July 15, 2013


If you will remember this time last year 
Keith and I were given a little camper..............

And we have used it ONCE!

Well our next door neighbors too got a camper last week and are our official new
Camping Buddies. 

We went about two hours north to The Uwharrie National Forest.

My mom got us this darling sign for Christmas. 

Keith loves Miss Shelby!
I am most excited to have a Glamping Buddy who likes to tablescape and decorate her campsite as much as I do.


Of course Toffee came along but I am not sure he will get to come on every trip. He ate something in the woods and got sick when we got home. 

For dinner the boys steamed up a
Southern Low Country Boil

Can't wait for our next trip!


  1. Poor Toffee! :(
    I didn't know that! YAY for camping!

  2. Those bibs are hysterical! Looked like so much fun

  3. That looks like a fun trip! I love camping I used to have a trailer but it was so much work! Love the boil for dinner too! Fancy!

  4. I want to go camping with you! That looks like a lot of fun! Whenever my husband suggests camping I imagine myself dirty and sleeping on the ground in a small tent