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Monday, May 6, 2013

Derby Weekend

We had a busy weekend!

We had some friends over for dinner on Friday night. 

Keith really out did himself on the menu, I was busy at work and unable to help at all. He cleaned everything, shopped and prepared all the food and even did all the cleaning.(Best Hubs EVER)

Petite Filet and Rack of Lamb were on the Menu

Saturday we were moving rather slow before heading to the Derby Party but I managed to Check out JCP to see what the hype was over the Joe Fresh line.

I scored this off white shift. It is very similar to a Lilly for only $25.

We headed over to Chris and Lauren's for their annual Derby Party.

Lauren was the cutest auctioneer ever!

We bid on a few different Horses but ours did not win which was too bad because these were some BIG pots. 

We finished with a Night Cap at Selwyn Pub!


  1. That white shift was made for you, my friend! I love that line at JCP.

  2. Dinner was fantastic; y'all are the best dinner hosts EVER!!!