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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day at Sea

This day paid off huge for us.....


Keith hit the jackpot on this strange Key in a Lock machine and won $1,000 bucks!

We were so excited because we never win anything so this was huge. Look at Keith's smirk. He was on cloud nine. 

And yes that is one hundred ten dollar bills. 

We spent the most part of the day lounging by the pool and relaxing. 

So, my least fave part of cruising is bad hair days. It is so windy out in the middle of the sea so a nice hair day by the pool is not in the cards ladies. 

We spent the rest of the night at 
Caliente with our new friends dancing the night away!


  1. Go Keith!!

    And you don't have a bad hair day - you look sunkissed!

  2. Your hair looks fab! And holler for hitting the jackpot!!

  3. Wow $1000 jackpot is awesome!! Love your bikini!

  4. WOOHOO congrats, that's awesome!

    Your bikini is so cute and love your dress!

    CRUISIN' is awesome