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Monday, May 27, 2013

BoxWood Obsession

It is no secret I love Home Decor almost as much as Clothes and Accessories. 

It is not unlike me to change out a mirror on a wall two or three times in a month until I have it right.

My latest obsession is BoxWood and Moss anything!

Keith and I have been house looking quite a bit (that's another post-can be a little frustrating) and we toured one last week that I got some great decorating ideas from.

It is funny what you take from each house. Now, this was not the house for us only because of the size of the closets. That can be such a deal breaker. 

But, I did love the color of the walls and I loved some of the accents they chose, such as small touches of boxwood you see on the mantel. 

I think it is the perfect pop of green. 

I must find this wreath. 

Wow,check out this yard. I would be in heaven.

My current table setting. I am thinking about removing the candle and adding one more boxwood. What do you think?


  1. I sent you wreaths that looked like that last week! There's a woman out of Louisiana who makes them. I'm getting ready to order myself one! I guess the boxwood are in real demand right now.

  2. Boxwood is so classic! I love the ball things you put on your front door step!

  3. I really want to add some boxwoods to our house I'm just not sure where. I love that wreath too. My house needs more green.