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Monday, April 1, 2013

Learning to Let Go!

Keith and I decided at the last minute to spend a long weekend in Chi-Town. With that being said Keith wanted it to be just that 
"a spur of moment-last minute trip"which meant he didn't want me to plan out every detail of every day including all meals, snacks, cocktails and events through out the day, which I tend to do. 

On Our last trip to Mexico the Resort had to provide us with a calendar because we had so many excursions and activities planned.

 Maybe I over did it, Keith thought so at least. 

I have always struggled with this. I never wanted to miss out on anything, and felt like I needed to be in two or three places at once. 

I had been so busy with work that I did not put up much of a fight and booked my flight to Chi-Town without a single thing planned, not even one dinner reservation. 

This was big folks but the truth was I liked  loved it. 

We flew by the seat of our pants, we did not feel rushed, we stumbled in some fabulous restaurants and had some unforgettable meals. 

We stopped for Happy Hour when ever we felt like it and hopped  the train and went all the way across town for no reason. We even slept in on vacay which I NEVER  do. 

We popped into the Feld Museum on a whim

My job this year has required me to become more flexible and laid back. I am at the mercy of pending construction and have quickly learned that things do not go as planned, dates get pushed back and things change hourly. 

I am learning to relax and roll with it! 

I am learning things don't always have to be perfect, and planned out.

The bed does not have to be made every single day.
(although I am who I am and I still prefer it is made each day but it does not ruin my day if it's not)

Every thing including the bed sheets don't have to be ironed.

The dishes will be there when I get home.

Every outfit does not have to be Pinterest Worthy and I cannot have every outfit I see on Pinterest.

I don't have to make every Pinterest Craft I Pin.

It's a ok to look back on my weekend and realize I  did absolutely nothing.


  1. This will help you when you become a Mom because I'm here to tell you. That is when you REALLY have to let things go!!! ;)

  2. Vacation is the one thing I don't like to have planned out- I love to just go with the flow on vacations and do whatever I please! I prefer my vacations to the lazy lay on the beach all day kind. I've really learned to let go in the past year or so, it makes life much less stressful if you just let it be.