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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Piece Wonders

Now I know what you are thinking but humor me!
Ladies, the one piece is back!
No matter what your size or what you are trying to hide (hips here) you will look HOT in any of these One Piece Wonders!
I selected the above in black but tried on the below in coral and really having a HARD time deciding if I made the right choice for my upcoming trip.
 Looking for feed back here Ladies!

So please share, are you going to dive into one
of the
One Piece Wonders this year, or am I alone here?


  1. I completely agree that the one piece is back! I had 2 last year and I absolutely loved them. Since I'm having a baby in June I'm def going to need a new one this year- I may try that first one out it looks like it would hide my extra tummy

  2. I so want a one piece but Brad freaks out and calls me Grandma!

  3. I feel like guys don't like one pieces but the new ones are so cute that I have definitely considered it.

  4. Terrible idea!!! No man wants to see a woman in a one piece. Well, unless she is a tubbo.

  5. I Love the Coral suit that looks like a little dress! I'm doing a one piece and it may have to be the coral one. :)

  6. Hey girl! I tried to email you back but your email wasn't linked to your messaging. I dont even think the tunic has a brand label in it, its from this totally mom and pop type place. Thanks for the compliment!! It was only $50 as opposed to those Lilly ones!

  7. I think one pieces can be so chic! L hates them, but but he can just suck it up :)

    Psst.. so glad to have found another blogger that knows and loves Greenville!!

  8. Yay for one pieces being in style! I hate two pieces. I've always been thin but just prefer to be more covered up!