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Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Where Abouts!

What a fabulous and relaxing weekend!

We started out at Food Truck Friday after work.

Only to learn that most of Charlotte had this same idea. The wait for my fave food truck Papi Queso was an hour long. 

We bit the bullet and waited it out. Keith had not tried it yet and agreed it was WELL worth the wait.

I had The Pig Mac. It is exactly what it sounds like, macaroni and cheese and barbecue. 

I have become obsessed with following this dude all around town, his food is amazing.

Keith got a new toy over the weekend that he is very proud of. 

I have to admit I was not happy about this at first, ok I was hoping he would change his mind but he seems to love it and it helps he looks so stinking sexy on it. 

So I gave in and sat on it(in the garage). I have not ridden it yet and don't know if I will-LOL.

Saturday I spent most of my time filling this baby up for an upcoming trip.

Picked up a new pair of shorts at Ann Taylor with 30%  off. I do not like to pay full price, who does?

Keith and I had a Skip Bo Championship over the weekend and I am sad to say he took the Title of Champion. 

Hope you had a great weekend, I am off to Atlanta for work this week but looking forward to visiting with one of my dearest friends there. 


  1. Oh MY! I love those shorts! Safe travels!

  2. Those shorts are adorable! And I must, must, must try Papi Queso next time that I'm in Charlotte. OMG YUM.

  3. Love those shorts!! Food truck Friday sounds awesome and that menu at Papi Queso- yum!

  4. Ok where have Papi Queso been all my life. Must track them down.