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Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Weeks Away

I am still here. I was away for two weeks. 

I spent a week in Atlanta for work 

And enjoyed some much needed but never enough time with this girl. I am so thankful we still work together after ten years even if it is in different states. 

I spent the next week away aboard this ship in 
The Virgin Islands

More to come on the cruise. Good Times. Regardless what anyone says about Carnival we had a great time. 

In the mean time I was busy reading this book and wanted to share with you how great it was. 

But then again anything being read in the middle of the ocean with nothing else in sight is a great read huh?

Now this is not your classy read here ladies but it was really good. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and was super easy to get into right from the start. 

I moved on to The Happiness Project that came highly recommended from numerous different bloggers but I am having a  difficult time getting into it. 

I pretty much just read for fun, I don't care for informational, factual books. Just me.

Anyway I return to work in the office tomorrow for the first time in two weeks. Will you judge me if I say I am already looking to plan my next vacay?

What can I say, I LOVE to travel but doubt my work will go for that this soon. 

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