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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Day!

If you remember I mentioned what a FULL weekend we were facing for Thanksgiving, well it was exactly that. Slam full, with hardly a moment to rest but Thanksgiving Day itself was relatively calm.

We arrived in our Hometown of Greenville about
10:00am Thursday morning with tons of groceries and goodies to finish preparing for Dinner.

The gals in the kitchen

 Even the younger gals were busy working on their pilgrim hats.

We had such great relaxing day, so relaxing that I had a major photo fail and hardly took any pics.

I hate when that happens.


Tablescaping is hard when you are traveling but I managed to pull off a few things

Mini Cherry Pies (they are really just cupcakes)

Someone needed a little nap!
Sweet Uncle Keith enjoying some quality time with Beck and Uncle Buddy!
What a great Day! Wish so bad I had more pics but we are most Thankful to have such a wonderful large family!

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