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Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Keith is almost half way to Forty!
Can you believe it? I think he gets more handsome and sweet with every year.

Keith wanted to hang out in the hood and have a laid back low key Birthday dinner so we had
 Brad and Dee and Bryan and Shannan over for Lasagna.

The Birthday Boy's Place !
Saturday we ran errands and began The Holiday Decor!
Yes, we put our decor up before Thanksgiving. We travel for Turkey Day so we like to come home to The Holidays!
Saturday night we went on a dinner date to celebrate Keith's Big Day alone and came home and decorated the tree.

Don't laugh, Keith snapped this photo of me triming the tree!
The best part of the evening was discovering this
The entire container is gone already!


  1. Wouldn't halfway to 40 be 20 years old? So if your hubby's 20... good for you for robbing that cradle ;)