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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Much Needed Weekend

Last week was challenging to say the least.
I could not have been more excited when Friday at 6:00pm hit.
Keith and I had a quiet dinner at home and then hit the stores to do some shopping and take advantage of avoiding the crowds. We shopped till 10PM.
Saturday we had a Birthday Party for a friend that we met through our friends Carrie and Kevin.
LATE NIGHT! We did not get home till nearly 3:00am but had a great time.

In fact this is the only photo we took because we took.

Sunday I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped some more.

I am ready to be done with that and get in the kitchen to make some Christmas Goodies.
Sunday we went to The Light Display at the Speedway in a caravan with the neighbors.

The Christmas Village was our favorite, Bryan touched the animals. I did not.  

You know you are in NC when they have a Bojangle's tree. It was actually really cute.

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