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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Billy Graham Library

Who does not love to look at Christmas lights during the Holiday Season?
I love it, in fact this is one of my most favorite childhood and even adult memories I have with my Grandma.
We would go at least once a week to look at The Christmas Lights all over my hometown. We have easily done three or four hours at a time in the car.
So, I think it is only natural that this is important to me to continue this tradition with my children. (and Keith in the meantime)
The Ya Ya's (my mom and Aunts) were visiting before Christmas so after we took on the malls we had a nice dinner at Rock Bottom's (very disappointed they removed Chicken Picatta from the menu) and headed over to Billy Graham Library.
They do a fabulous display of lights, carriage ride, live nativity scene and a tour through the home Billy grew up in.

Is this not the most beautiful Southern Living like living room?

This was such a nice evening!
Afterward we were right back at it and hit the bookstore since they were open till Midnight.
These ladies like to shop, can you tell?
Ok-I do too!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I drove around with my parents on Christmas night looking at lights in a couple different areas where I grew was a very special memory. I fully support your "ya ya's" shopping habit :)