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Monday, November 5, 2012

Style Watch TIps

I picked up the November People Style Watch issue last week and it has really made me start looking at my wardrobe and purchases a little closer.

There is a great article about "Shopping Smarter" that basically bulleted some things to remember and keep in mind while shopping to prevent falling victim to all the trends and cute pieces hitting the racks this fall.
I thought I would share the ones that have really stuck out in my head and made me second guess my wardrobe wants and desires. 
  • Your annual wardrobe budget should not exceed 4% of your annual income. (OUCH)
  • Ask Yourself... "Where am I wearing this? If you do not have a place in mind, there is no reason to buy it. For instance, you don't need a cocktail dress if you don't go to cocktail parties. (This is a toughie for me but really hit home)
  • See what you're actually wearing. Turn your hangers facing out, when you wear something replace it facing in. This will help you see what you wearing and not wearing and help determine what you actually need.
  • Figure out the Cost Per Wear. Think about the number of times you can wear something. If you can't get the per-wear cost down to $2 you may want to reconsider.
(Are you kidding me? )
This is a bit of a pill to swallow for us Fashion Lovers. I can't say that I will follow this strictly but I can tell you it sure made me stop and think before I make another wardrobe purchase, like this one below!

Is she worth it?

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  1. The vest is definitely worth it...coming from the girl who decided it's her patriotic duty to shop tonight in honor of the election and single-handedly jump starting the economy.