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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Busy Thanksgiving Ahead!

Thursday morning we will hit the road to our hometown of Greenville, SC to be with our families.
We like to get there really early so I can hang out in the kitchen with the girls.
Busy torching my mini creme brulee's last year

We hang out there all day and eat all those yummy goodies I told you about yesterday!
Sometimes my sister in laws and I will hit the midnight madness Black Friday sales.

I think I am staying away from that this year since I am so far ahead on the shopping and I really don't enjoy the crowds. More importantly the stores really don't do "that" impressive of a sale. If you pay attention to the ads you will see that they have been offering very similar sales all month without the crowd.
Friday My Aunts, Cousins, and I are off to Asheville for a fun filled day at
 The Biltmore Village

Then we will finish the day off with dinner at
 The Grove Park Inn
Saturday we are doing Family Pics before heading off to the Annual Rivalry between
Clemson and South Carolina.
What a busy weekend!
 I am tired already but this pic says it all!


  1. We always black friday shop just because its a tradition. We don't by anything crazy just go out wait in line with our coffee then hit our local brunch joint before coming home to crash!

  2. Oh my goodness, yall have a busy weekend ahead! Have so much fun!

    PS - love your new layout!