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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is She Wearing White?

After Labor Day in the South?

According to most in the South that is a NO NO!

I am guilty of following that belief pretty much my whole life, but this year I am breaking out of that cycle.
How could you not, it is still in the 80's!

I may not go as far as white shorts or a white dress but look at these white denim outfits and how they transition right in to fall!

When paired with a denim jacket, closed toe shoes and camel accessories it really changes the look.

Now if this isn't a "Rule Breaker" for the Traditional Southerner(myself included).

Black,brown and white after Labor Day.....
But come on you know it looks GREAT, especially when you add a dark fall polish, scarf and gold jewelry.

One of my very faves, camel and white!

It does not get much classier than that!

I would suggest you get these outfits out of your system no later than mid October because white at Halloween just sounds odd(to me at least)

But remember the most important thing is, if you love white sport it when ever you want, January if you want! It's your body, your fashion life and I bet you will look fab doing it!


  1. Wore white shorts last weekend! True fashion has never followed that rule....why ladies in the south have, I will never know.

  2. I wore white shoes out on Friday night! GASP!

  3. You may have just convinced me to break out the white pants again. I have missed them. I agree with you though...white at Halloween may be weird!

  4. Hello! I am out making new friends on the blogosphere :)... If only I knew who led me to you! At any rate, I love all of your collages here and the image you included of the fabulous Blair Eadie. I see you are a Greenville, SC girl?? Are you living there now? I was born in Sparkle City, grew up in Asheville and now live in Charlotte. At any rate, so happy to have found you, and I now look forward to following along!
    Best, Whitley Adkins Hamlin