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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Ya'll!

While preparing for our vacay buying bikinis I didn't get much time to focus on getting ready for fall and it snuck up on me as soon as we returned!
Cooler weather, Michael's is decked out with their holiday supplies, Boots are everywhere except on peoples feet because we live in the south, and Febreeze's Pumpkin scent has hit the shelves.(this is really important to me)=Fall Ya'll

Here are some things I've picked up to get ready in the style department and a few I am dreaming of!
I think this will look great with a pair of boots!-Gap
Cute with flats or boots-Gap again!
Must have casual outfit! I created almost the exact one from Banana! Pic of that later!
This is my very fave because you can wear it anywhere and look thrown together!
Basically you won't see me without these all fall!
I'll come back later after I have styled these outfits  myself and show you how I chose to wear them!
Happy Fall!



  1. The last 2 outfits are my favorite--probably because they're perfectly comfortable for sitting in class--without looking 'sloppy.' Hope you get to enjoy a PSL today. Cheers!!!

  2. I love fall! I need some pumpkin Frebreze asap.